Hi there!

My name is Jeff and I have started this blog to show my knowledge related to online casinos and live dealer games to as many people as possible.

I love sharing information as I work as a trainer in a multinational company in London. It’s a full-time job that I I chose three years ago and it hasn’t been boring a single minute since then. I simply enjoy what I do and that is the key for a happy life.

I believe mine is. I spend my time working, but also enjoying the little pleasures you can find out there: like having a beer with the guys at the local pub, going to see a tennis match, fast driving, or taking a swim at the pool.

All these fill my life. And there is also playing at online casinos after a full day. I usually do it before I go to sleep, but from time to time I do it in the mornings as well. Especially in weekends. It’s pleasurable and most times I get to win. You could too. And I assure you that by reading this blog you will be better at it. Good luck!