What’s a High Roller Casino

Uncategorized / Friday, November 1st, 2019

Have you ever heard of high roller casinos? If not, let’s tell you what they are. A high roller casino is the same as any online casinos, but instead of serving the vast majority of ‘low’ rollers who are betting small amounts, they target players who like to wager much larger bets.

If you are a high roller you should know that there are plenty of casinos out there that are more than willing to roll out the carpet and welcome you in with open arms. Sounds good doesn’t it?

What does high roller actually mean?

Ask an online casino what it means and you’ll probably get different answers according to their terms and conditions that vary from a casino to another. My answer is pretty simple and it aligns probably with all online casinos. If you are depositing in thousands and wager in hundreds, then you are a high roller which means you will get better bonuses, more generous loyalty programs, and a generally more friendly casino experience.

High roller casino bonuses

Place a big deposit, and you should expect to find bonuses which range from $500 to several thousands of dollars. Even more, at some casinos the peaks may be unlimited, and you have the possibility to earn very generous bonuses, by simply getting started and setting up an account.

These bonuses work for online casinos which are expecting to make more money from high rollers than from average players. They are also a good deal for high rollers as they get access to more generous bonuses than a regular player gets.

How to play at high roller casinos

To be eligible for high roller bonuses, you need to follow these easy steps:
register for an account – find a high roller online casino that suits your needs;
deposit a high roller amount – which varies from casino to casino;
claim your bonus – after you have made your deposit. You should also take note of your wagering requirements and other obligations related to terms and conditions;
wager heavily – as you start betting do it in big style, because it will get you access to the very best bonuses, terms and conditions;
withdraw – after you meet the bonus criteria.

These are the basics of being a high roller casino player.