2024's Best Online Casinos - Safe, Reliable and Entertaining

The Top Performers in Our Exhaustive Casino Audits

Here are our top picks for the best online casinos of 2024, based on comprehensive side-by-side comparisons and rigorous testing of hundreds of data points by OCH experts!

Our List of the 10 Best Online Casinos in May 2024

RankCasinoOverall ScoreBest For
1BetSafe85Best for keeping your play safe and private.
2Unibet85Best for easy and fun game discovery.
3PlatinumPlay84Best for rewarding your loyalty with great perks.
4Bet36583Best for all-in-one betting and gaming.
5CasinoEuro83Best for accessing a huge variety of live games easily.
6EnergyCasino83Best for unique bonuses and a mix of promotions.
7Monster Casino81Best for keeping your gaming fun and varied.
8Playzee81Best for quick access to jackpots. 
9PlayOjo81Best for letting you keep all your winnings.
10Guts80Best for quick access to your winnings.
The list of best-in-class online casinos of the month, ranked.

How We Ranked the Best Casinos Online?

Our process for ranking online casinos combines objective data analysis with user-centric considerations, aiming to provide clear and useful insights for players. 

As this article covers the overall best online casinos on the market, we only shortlisted here the operators that have received Very Good (or higher) ratings in all the main categories we audit:

  1. Security: Casinos must have stringent security measures and reputable licenses.
  2. Game Variety: A broad selection of high-quality games from leading providers is required.
  3. User Experience: Easy navigation and a seamless overall user experience are crucial.
  4. Customer Support: Effective, 24/7 support across multiple channels is a must.
  5. Banking: Diverse, secure banking options with quick processing are essential.
  6. Bonuses: Generous, fair bonuses with clear terms are key for inclusion.

Our Approach: Merging Experience with Data to Bring you The Safest, Most Reliable and Fun Online Casinos

Our methodology uniquely combines firsthand experience with detailed data analysis to guide you to the safest, most reliable, and entertaining online casinos.

Our team, composed of experienced players and industry insiders, conducts in-depth testing of each casino, simulating an actual customer journey. 

Alongside this practical examination, we delve into a data-driven assessment, scrutinizing casinos across crucial aspects like game variety, bonus terms, security measures, and banking options.

By merging direct interactions with analytical rigor, our approach ensures that our selections are not just safe and reliable but genuinely enjoyable. 

We keep our evaluations current, adjusting our rankings to reflect the latest developments and firsthand experiences with the casinos.

Learn more about How We Review Online Casinos

The Best Online Casinos: Reviewed by the OCH Experts

1. BetSafe – Best for keeping your play safe and private.

  • Wide array of top-notch games catering to all types of players.
  • Swift and effective customer support
  • Smooth, user-friendly mobile experience
  • Room for improvement in banking options.

BetSafe Scores & Ratings

Bonuses & Promotions81Excellent
Games & Providers93Excellent
Payments & Banking70Very Good
Customer Support94Excellent
Mobile & Usability82Excellent
Safety & Security92Excellent
Table of BetSafe’s Scores and Ratings in the various categories we audit.

BetSafe Analysis 

Diving into BetSafe Casino, established in 2006, you immediately notice its dedication to quality and player satisfaction. BetSafe offers a wide array of top-notch games catering to all types of players, ensuring your gaming sessions stay fresh.

The customer support at BetSafe guarantees swift and effective assistance, making any issue a minor hiccup rather than a roadblock in your gaming experience.

For gamers on the go, BetSafe’s smooth, user-friendly mobile experience highlights its commitment to seamless play anytime, anywhere.

What sets BetSafe apart in the realm of best online casinos is its holistic approach to Responsible Gaming. The platform is equipped with comprehensive tools and features designed to support a healthy gaming environment. 

These include deposit, wagering, loss, and session time limits, along with self-exclusion options, cool-off periods, and reality checks. 

BetSafe Verdict

BetSafe Casino emerges as a solid choice for players prioritizing a vast selection of quality games, exceptional customer support, and a commitment to responsible gaming. While there’s room for improvement in banking options, the platform’s strengths in security, game diversity, and user experience place it among the top online casinos. 

2. Unibet – Best for easy and fun game discovery.

  • Wealth of experience
  • Bonuses cater to both new and loyal players
  • Top-tier customer support service
  • Room for improvement in expanding responsible gaming

Unibet Scores & Ratings

Bonuses & Promotions81Excellent
Games & Providers81Excellent
Payments & Banking75Very Good
Customer Support94Excellent
Mobile & Usability89Excellent
Safety & Security87Excellent
Table of Unibet scores & ratings in various categories we analysed

Unibet Analysis

Unibet, a venerable giant in the online casino world since 1997, delivers a standout experience that melds tradition with cutting-edge gaming. Here’s why it made it on our Best Online Casinos of the year list:

This platform not only boasts a wealth of experience but also showcases its prowess across several key areas that matter most to players. Additionally, the platform’s generosity is evident in its bonuses and promotions, offering a variety of incentives to both new and loyal players.

At its core, Unibet’s impressive high score is a testament to its well-rounded excellence. The casino shines particularly bright in customer support, where it scores a remarkable 94, indicating that players can expect top-tier service.

This focus on customer satisfaction is complemented by a strong emphasis on mobile usability, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience on any device.

The casino also prioritizes responsible gaming, offering comprehensive tools to help players manage their gaming habits, although it could expand its offerings in areas like wagering and session time limits.

Unibet Verdict

In a nutshell, diving into Unibet feels like hitting the jackpot of the best online casinos. It’s got this old-school credibility, thanks to its long history, but doesn’t shy away from the new-school innovations that make gaming a blast. You’re in good hands with their top-notch help desk, and the security’s so tight, you’d think they have a digital fortress. 

3. PlatinumPlay – Best for rewarding your loyalty with great perks.

  • Effortless transactions
  • Focus on player well-being
  • Room for enhancement in bonuses and promotions offerings

PlatinumPlay Scores & Ratings

Bonuses & Promotions77Very Good
Games & Providers68Very Good
Payments & Banking100Excellent
Customer Support85Excellent
Mobile & Usability85Very Good
Safety & Security79Very Good
Table of PlatinumPlay scores and ratings based on our in-depth review

PlatinumPlay Analysis

PlatinumPlay Casino shines exceptionally in two critical areas: Payments & Banking and Customer Support, each receiving high scores in our audits and a well deserved spot in our “Best Online Casinos” top.

The casino not only offers a broad range of accessible and secure payment options but also places a high emphasis on customer satisfaction through its responsive and helpful support team. 

We believe such features are indispensable for a casino to receive the “Best” title,  as it ensures players can deposit and withdraw funds effortlessly and have their queries addressed promptly, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The casino also demonstrates a strong commitment to responsible gaming, as evidenced by its high scores in Responsible Gaming Tools. 

While its scores in Bonuses and Promotions and Games & Providers might not top the charts, they still reflect a competitive offering that caters to diverse tastes and preferences. The variety of games and the quality of promotions available ensure that both new and seasoned players will find value and enjoy their time here.

PlatinumPlay Verdict

What stands out about PlatinumPlay is not just the numbers but the underlying commitment these numbers represent. It’s one thing to offer a wide range of games and another to ensure that every transaction is secure, every support call is answered, and every player has the tools to play responsibly. In a digital age where trust and security are paramount, these features are what set PlatinumPlay apart, making it not just a good casino but a great one. 

4. Bet365 – Best for all-in-one betting and gaming.

  • Comprehensive, all-in-one betting and gaming
  • Exceptional customer support with nearly perfect score
  • Lacks variety and quality in gaming options

Bet365 Scores and Ratings 

Bonuses & Promotions75Very Good
Games & Providers68Very Good
Payments & Banking75Very Good
Customer Support98Excellent
Mobile & Usability86Excellent
Safety & Security93Excellent
Bet365 Casino’s performance overview as assessed in our review.

Bet365 Casino Analysis

Bet365 is one of the titans of online gaming, not just for its longstanding presence since 2001, but for the comprehensive, all-in-one betting and gaming experience it offers to its players. 

Here’s why it’s celebrated as a top contender on this year’s Best Online Casinos lineup:

A detailed look into Bet365’s offerings reveals why it’s celebrated as the go-to platform for enthusiasts who appreciate a blend of tradition and innovation. The casino’s performance across various domains not only meets the mark but often exceeds similar online casinos.

Where Bet365 truly shines, however, is in its customer support – one of the highest we measured. This nearly perfect score is a testament to Bet365’s commitment to its players, ensuring that every query is met with a swift, efficient, and helpful response. 

In an era where the smartphone is an extension of the self, Bet365’s mobile experience is a robust, intuitive interface that promises the thrill of a bet, the spin of a slot, or the tactility of a card game, all at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Bet365 Verdict

We’ve found Bet365 to be unparalleled in its ability to deliver a comprehensive betting and gaming experience that stands alone in its field. It’s a place where tradition and innovation converge, where every interaction, every bet, and every game we’ve engaged in has been a reflection of Bet365’s deep commitment to providing a safe and fun online casino experience for all of us.

5. CasinoEuro – Best for accessing a huge variety of live games easily.

  • Unrivaled selection of games
  • Staunch commitment to responsible gaming
  • Frictionless and enjoyable gaming experience
  • Needs a more streamlined user experience

CasinoEuro Scores & Ratings

Bonuses & Promotions76Very Good
Games & Providers95Excellent
Payments & Banking70Very Good
Customer Support94Excellent
Mobile & Usability72Very Good
Safety & Security91Excellent
Table of CasinoEuro’s scoring and ratings in the various categories we audit.

CasinoEuro Analysis

CasinoEuro, since its 2002 launch, has quietly risen to the top ranks of best online casinos, distinguishing itself through an unrivaled selection of games and exceptional customer service. 

But that’s not the only reason why we included it in our finest digital casinos list…

With a impressive game library, featuring all the top providers and their most popular games, players find themselves spoiled for choice, enjoying a mix of modern hits and timeless classics.

The real gem, however, is the customer support, where the CasinoEuro team excels in ensuring a frictionless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Add to this their staunch commitment to responsible gaming, offering comprehensive tools to keep play safe and fun, and you’ve got a platform that cares deeply about its community.

CasinoEuro Verdict

CasinoEuro isn’t just about the thrills of gaming; it’s about doing so in a secure, supportive, and responsible environment. This approach doesn’t just attract players; it cultivates a loyal following, making CasinoEuro not just a choice but a destination for those who value quality and integrity in their gaming experience.

6. EnergyCasino – Best for unique bonuses and a mix of promotions.

  • High variety and quality of games
  • Attractive offers that enhance the gaming experience
  • Customer support has room for improvement

EnergyCasino Scores & Ratings

Bonuses & Promotions81Excellent
Games & Providers85Excellent
Payments & Banking90Excellent
Customer Support90Excellent
Mobile & Usability64Very Good
Safety & Security89Excellent
Table of EnergyCasino’s Scores and Ratings in various categories

EnergyCasino Analysis

Diving into the features and scores of EnergyCasino, it’s evident why this platform has emerged as one of our top rated online casinos in 2024. 

EnergyCasino sets itself apart with remarkably high scores in Game & Providers  and Payments & Banking, underscoring its dedication to providing a diverse array of high-quality games and ensuring seamless financial transactions.

The variety and quality of games, powered by leading software providers, cater to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences, promising an immersive experience for all types of players – be them slots of live casino fans. 

The platform’s high Bonuses and Promotions further highlights its strategy of engaging players with attractive offers that enhance the gaming experience and provide additional value. 

EnergyCasino Verdict

EnergyCasino really stands out because of what’s behind the scenes.We like it because it’s the place where having fun and playing it safe are part of the same deal. It’s like they understand that the buzz of the game should always come with a safety net, making sure everyone’s having a good time without any worries.

7. Monster Casino – Best for keeping your gaming fun and varied.

  • Smooth and hassle-free gaming experience for users
  • Great RG tools
  • Game variety needs improvement

Monster Casino Scores & Ratings

Bonuses & Promotions81Excellent
Games & Providers85Excellent
Payments & Banking90Excellent
Customer Support90Excellent
Mobile & Usability64Very Good
Safety & Security89Excellent
Table of MonsterCasinos Scores and Ratings based on our comprehensive assessment.

Monster Casino Analysis

Monster Casino’s great performance in certain key areas that set it apart as a prime destination for those seeking not just entertainment, but a diverse and enriching gaming experience. 

Here’s why it earned a prime spot in our Best Online Casino list:

Its dedication to ensuring player contentment is especially true in the areas of Payments & Banking and Customer Support, areas in which it achieves remarkable scores. This emphasis on ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience for users is commendable, as it speaks volumes of the casino’s dedication to its patrons’ needs and concerns.

However, what truly sets Monster Casino apart, and aligns perfectly with its ethos of keeping gaming safe, is its excellent rating in Responsible Gambling (RG) Tools related to Deposit and Wagering Limits. 

Yet, it’s not just the responsible gaming measures that draw one’s attention. The casino’s broad spectrum of offerings, marked by a notable score in Bonuses and Promotions, ensures that there’s always something new and exciting on the horizon for its players.. 

Monster Casino Verdict

In essence, Monster Casino’s allure lies not just in its games or its impressive bonuses but in its core philosophy of providing a fun, varied, and safe gaming experience. Its standout features in customer support, banking ease, and responsible gaming tools make it a beacon for gamers seeking a reliable, enjoyable, and ethically responsible online casino experience.

8. Playzee – Best for quick access to jackpots. 

  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Value for quality and variety in RG tools
  • Payments & Banking needs more options

Playzee Scores & Ratings

Bonuses & Promotions88Excellent
Games & Providers70Very Good
Payments & Banking75Very Good
Customer Support84Excellent
Mobile & Usability69Very Good
Safety & Security94Excellent
Table of Playzee Casino Scores and Ratings

Playzee Casino Analysis

At the heart of Playzee’s appeal are its Bonuses and Promotions and its Customer Support, both receiving an “Excellent” rating after our audits. 

But this isn’t the only reason this casino made it on our “Best of the best” list. 

The generous bonuses and promotions ensure that both new and returning players feel appreciated and excited to engage, while the high-quality customer support signifies a readiness to assist, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Moreover, Playzee’s emphasis on Responsible Gaming Tools is commendable, with features like Self-Exclusion, Cool Off Period, and Reality Checks all being available to players. 

While its scores in the Games & Providers and Payments & Banking categories suggest there’s room for growth, it’s clear Playzee values quality and variety in its gaming content and strives to provide reliable and convenient banking options for its users. 

Playzee Verdict

What we really like about Playzee is how it mixes the fun part of gaming with some serious backing in support and safety measures. It’s like they’re saying, “Have a blast, but we’ve got your back.” And in today’s online world, that’s not just reassuring; it’s essential.

9. PlayOJO – Best for letting you keep all your winnings.

  • Exceptional game selection and provider quality
  • Noteworthy mobile usability
  • Needs a more comprehensive and convenient banking experience for players

PlayOJO Scores and Ratings

Bonuses & Promotions60Very Good
Games & Providers98Excellent
Payments & Banking65Very Good
Customer Support90Excellent
Mobile & Usability88Excellent
Safety & Security95Excellent
Table showcasing PlayOJO’s performance in various areas

PlayOJO Casino Analysis

PlayOJO Casino, since its establishment in 2017, has distinguished itself within the online gaming industry through a commendable blend of quality, security, and user engagement.

Here’s why it clinched a leading position in our Best Online Casino selections:

We found the game selection and provider quality at PlayOJO to be exceptional, indicative of a curated approach to ensuring diverse and high-quality gaming experiences. This is complemented by the casino’s strong commitment to safety and security, offering players a secure environment that parallels the reliability and trustworthiness expected of leading financial institutions.

The mobile and usability aspect of PlayOJO is noteworthy, reflecting a seamless integration of technology to facilitate an accessible gaming experience across various mobile devices.

The operator’s commitment to user-centric design is further evidenced by the casino’s responsive customer support, designed to address player inquiries with efficiency and professionalism.

PlayOJO Verdict

Following our comprehensive audit, it’s evident that PlayOJO Casino represents a noteworthy model in the online gaming landscape, focusing on quality, security, and user experience. We particularly like their selection of games and the user-friendly mobile access. The No Wagering Requirements on the first deposit free spins is a rare occurrence and deserves your attention.

10. Guts – Best for quick access to your winnings.

  • High safety & security score
  • Comprehensive suite of Responsible Gaming Tools
  • Diverse and high-quality games selection
  • Mobile performance requires enhancement.
  • Needs to improve bonuses and promotions to further incentivize players

Guts Scores and Ratings

Bonuses & Promotions73Very Good
Games & Providers85Excellent
Payments & Banking70Very Good
Customer Support90Excellent
Mobile & Usability71Very Good
Safety & Security91Excellent
Table of Guts Casino’s Scores and Ratings

Guts Casino Analysis

Guts has earned its reputation in the iGaming industry not just through longevity but by meticulously crafting a player-centric environment that emphasizes quick access to winnings, among other features.

Here’s some of Guts standout features that helped it gain a spot on our list of Top-tier Internet Casinos: 

Its exceptional Customer Support Score, a reflection of the casino’s dedication to offering responsive and effective support to its players, is paralleled by a high Safety & Security Score, underscoring the platform’s adherence to rigorous standards in ensuring player safety and data protection. 

Guts Casino also showcases a comprehensive suite of Responsible Gaming Tools, including deposit and wagering limits, cool-off periods, reality checks, and self-assessments, demonstrating  a real commitment to promoting a safe and responsible gaming environment.

The only things we found in need of improvement is Guts’ Mobile Performance. As mobile gaming continues to rise in popularity, focusing on this area can further elevate Guts Casino’s standing in the competitive online casino landscape.

Guts Verdict

In our journey through the diverse world of online casinos, we’ve found that Guts Casino distinguishes itself not just as a gaming venue but as a supportive entity for its players. It celebrates their successes and offers support in less fortunate times. Acknowledging that no platform is without its flaws, what makes Guts Casino notable is its ongoing commitment to improve and address the needs and concerns of its players.

Looking for More Best Casinos Online? 

If you’re still in search of top-quality online casino experiences, or you’re not yet convinced by the list above, check out our other comprehensive articles featuring online casinos that excel in various categories: 

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Factors to Consider When you Pick an Online Casino

Regardless of the criteria and mechanics used to rank casinos, when it’s time to choose your next place to play,  it is imperative to consider several critical factors.  The following list provides a structured approach to making an informed choice:

  • Licensing and Regulation: Verify the casino’s credentials to confirm it operates under the jurisdiction of recognized regulatory bodies, such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), or the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards.
  • Game Selection and Quality: Assess the diversity and quality of games available, including slots, table games, and live dealer options, ensuring they come from reputable software providers.
  • Payment Methods: Examine the variety of payment options offered, focusing on security, reliability, and compatibility with your financial preferences.
  • Customer Support: Consider the availability and efficiency of the customer support team, prioritizing casinos that offer multiple channels of communication, including live chat and email, and provide prompt and knowledgeable assistance.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Review the terms and conditions of bonuses and promotional offers to understand the wagering requirements and ensure they offer genuine value.

By methodically evaluating these factors, you will be well-positioned to choose an online casino that aligns with your gaming preferences and requirements, thereby enhancing your overall experience.